The undertaking of a new action brings new strength.

-Richard L. Evans

Before starting this business, I could not decorate at all. I couldn't even make buttercream properly. When I learned how to make buttercream, I decided to take shortcuts and never got the results I saw from other bakers. I didn't wonder why I wasn't getting their results, I just thought I wasn't good enough. In fact before I officially started selling, I was desperately seeking a decorator. I knew I could bake, and deliver on flavour. But decorating? No way.... which brought me back to the message I shared in this quote.

If I didn't set a routine, I wouldn't have tried decorating. It took repeated flavours on the baking side, to get the results I wanted. So I had to treat decorating just the same. I gave myself a deadline, and said whatever your skills are by the time this date rolls around, that's what you're selling. So if you don't want to embarrass yourself, you better start practicing.

And I still sucked...

No amount of practicing was helping me. I was trying to do roses, borders, little bugs... nothing was coming out like the pictures. But my deadline was four days away. So I just said, "Ok well you can't decorate so just do what you can". When the deadline approached, I did my best.

And I thought it was ugly. To my surprise, no one else did. They thought they looked beautiful. But I had a higher standard for myself. So I wasn't satisfied in the least bit. I vowed that by the time they got their orders my decorating would be improved.

For the whole month, I watched video upon video upon video. I had so many designs I could execute it was overwhelming. When they day arrived, I set my piping tip on top of the cupcake and piped to my hearts content. And they were beautiful.

If I didn't set that deadline and do something different, I would have never gotten to that last photo. It strengthened my trust and belief in myself. And now I make cupcakes that look like this!

If you received this quote, what was your experience trying something new?