Who We Are

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Our Mission

We make it easy to be vegan!

Our exclusive focus is on crafting irresistible vegan mini cupcakes and convenient cake mixes that redefine plant-based indulgence. We are dedicated to delivering a delightful experience in every bite, combining the goodness of compassionate ingredients with the convenience of both bite-sized treats and easy-to-use cake mixes. What makes us extra special is that with every order, we include a motivational quote, adding a touch of positivity to your indulgence. Our mission is to prove that vegan desserts can be both exquisitely delicious and perfectly petite. Join us in savoring the joy of guilt-free, plant-powered sweetness with our signature vegan mini cupcakes and hassle-free cake mixes. 

Meet the Chef

Hi there! I'm Robyn, and I appreciate you stopping by my virtual bakery! Here, I offer a delectable selection of vegan cupcakes and cake mixes that break the stereotype of tasteless treats.

My journey into the world of plant-based baking began during a challenging period of mental health struggles. Baking became my therapeutic escape, a source of focus, and a means of accomplishment. Fueled by this passion, I decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship, giving myself one year to make it happen.

Initially starting with non-vegan products, my own health journey led me to discover allergies to eggs and dairy. Determined to create desserts that met my dietary needs without compromising on taste and texture, I ventured into the world of vegan baking.

Recognizing a gap in the market for quality vegan options, I embarked on a mission to develop a recipe that defied the stereotypes. Six months later, I proudly introduced a product featuring the "M word" – moist cake, creamy frosting, and an irresistible taste, without any hint of cardboard.

This success prompted me to tackle the challenge of creating a vegan cake mix that lived up to the same high standards. Using the same base as my cupcakes, the mix includes a built-in egg replacement made from recognizable ingredients. All you need to add is oil, vegan milk, and vinegar – everyday pantry staples, ensuring a simple, convenient, and delicious baking experience.

While my initial motivation was personal, this journey has evolved into an opportunity to help others with similar dietary restrictions. Now, you can find our cupcakes and cake mixes on our online store, and stay tuned on Instagram for updates on our participation in local farmers' markets. Join me in savoring the joy of vegan baking, where flavor meets compassion!