"The cupcakes I received were impeccably designed and delicious. Packaging was beautiful and customer service was top notch."

Gabriel, Ajax, ON

It was deeeelicious

Sol, Toronto, ON

So nice to meet you today and oh my the cupcake was delicious!!

Bridget, Toronto, ON

I just ate the red velvet cupcake I bought this afternoon at the Maker Bean and OMG the texture!! It was exactly what I wanted. Nice and dense, moist, and that creamy icing. Beautifully done! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Melissa, Toronto, ON

Hi, we just got around to serving the cake it is adorable and delicious. Thank you so much again 😁 it was perfect <3

Mikayla, Toronto, ON

Hi Robyn, thank you so much . Travis had a great birthday! Omg your cupcakes were amazing ...sooooo fluffy and delicious. I think you did a fantastic job and I'm definitely going to keep you in mind for the future! 

Lisa, Markham, ON

Hi Robyn! We met today at the holiday pop up event in pickering. Can I just say your cupcake was sooooooooo good. I ate that cupcake the slowest I've ever eaten anything ever just to savour the moment. It was so good

Camille, Ajax, ON

Hi! The cake was perfect and tasted delish! My sister was very Happy ☺️ thank you again for helping me out!!

Jacqueline, Markham, ON

ROBYNNNNNNThe cake Omg the cakeJust beautiful!!!Thank you so much it was not only beautiful but soooo DELICIOUS!!!

Melissa, Ajax, ON

  I am being asked to order more :) . They were delicious and the little grad hats exceeded expectations.

We will be ordering again! You are officially my cupcake Madame! 

Melanie, Markham, ON

Hey Robyn! I bought a mini cupcake today at your pop up and wanted to let you know I absolutely loved it!! The cake was perfection and the icing was an amazing balance of not to sweet but not too buttery ☺️ will totally order next time I need a cake!

Sophie, Toronto, ON

I just wanted to tell you the product is amazing. I bought mini cupcakes and lemon loaf at Easter  Market in Vaughan and those personal messages so unexpected but dead on. Thank you so much look forward to ordering more items

Tracey-Jane, Vaughan, ON