Who Will Cry When You Die - Chapter 5 and 6

Chapter 5 - Keep a Journal

Record what you did for the day, analyze it and reflect on it to see growth

I love this practice. Initially, I started journaling to help with my writing. I didn’t have a habit of writing every day and every best-selling author recommended journaling to keep going. What came from the daily habit of journaling was more than I expected. I love looking back at goals I had 5 or 6 months ago being realized now. I love seeing the gradual transformation of my mental state. And I love being able to reflect on my good days and sort through lessons of my challenging days. 

Chapter 6 - Develop an Honesty Philosophy

Monitor how many lies you tell a week. Go on a truth fast and do the things you promised. 

The truth set me free. Initially, when implementing this lesson, it was easy. I don’t lie often about regular stuff. Mostly because it is a pet peeve of mine to tell unnecessary lies. However, where this lesson was hard for me was when I had to discuss my feelings with my friends and loved ones. Whenever I attempted to state how I felt, there was a powerful urge to downplay or dismiss my feelings. But as the previous lesson stated, to be brave you must act brave. So I took on this philosophy and haven’t looked back since. Vulnerability was freeing. Plus, if I didn’t feel like sharing something, instead of lying, I just said, “I don’t want to share it.” Sure, sometimes people threw my emotions in my face. Yes, sometimes I offended people. But there was something about vulnerability that increased the trust and connection I had with people. Further, it improved my communication skills because it encouraged me to be more creative with how I express myself.

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