Who Will Cry When You Die - Chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 3 - Maintain your Perspective

Have the wisdom to enjoy the journey and savour the process.

I would say after the peculiarity of 2020, I have truly embraced this practice. 2020 went by quickly for me because I made it a goal to read as many things as I could and to enjoy the copious amounts of free time the government enforced. As a result, I occupied my days with goal oriented tasks so that by nighttime I didn’t feel like I wasted my day. Adopting a proactive mindset occupied my time and also gave me a purpose during uncertain times.

Chapter 4 - Practice Tough Love

Be stricter with yourself so you can live on your own terms. All influential people listen to their hearts and do what is wise. By doing brave acts, we become brave.

Every time I am scared, I think about this lesson. When I started my self growth journey, I had enough times where I didn’t know if my efforts would pay off. In order to ward off the impending anxiety of the unknown, I created a schedule and stuck to it. No excuses. As I scheduled my days, I realized the only person who could chip away at the steps towards achieving my goal was me. So as long as I kept my head down and trusted the process, I will improve.

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