Who Will Cry When You Die - Chapter 27 and 28

Chapter 27 - Write Thank-you Notes

The things that are easy to do are also the things that are difficult to do. Write thank you safe notes to everyone who has brought value to your life.

I love this practice! I do this verbally every day with my partner, and our relationship has flourished. It encourages us to focus on the positives that happened in our day, even if there is a loom of negativity present after a disagreement. For other people in my life, I ensure that whenever I receive something valuable, such as advice or help with something, I say thank you. One thank you goes a long way. Even if the person does something for you every day, letting them know you’re not just taking, but appreciating, strengthens your relationship for the better.

Chapter 28 - Always Carry a Book with You

One idea from the right book can reshape your character or transform your relationships, or revolutionize your life. Deep reading allows you to connect with the world’s most creative, intelligent and inspiring people 24/7.

I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. This was one of the key foundation books that got me out of a slump. I appreciate books that want to help me thrive as a human being. I love books that teach me more about myself and my loved ones. I love books that encourage me to be a better person even when there are clear forces wanting me to be the opposite. Reading books focuses my energy on what is important in life and what is worthy of my time. They allow me to imagine more for myself and believe in myself. During my initiation into self-help, I used to read one chapter from three different self-help books a day. I learned so much, and couldn’t be more grateful for the knowledge those books shared. So I encourage to search for a book that connects with your spirit. Then use that as jump off point to read more extraordinary books and change your life for the better.