Who Will Cry When You Die - Chapter 25 and 26

Chapter 25 - Bless Your Money

When you send your money out, remember to always bless it. Ask it to bless everybody that it touches, and command it to go out and feed the hungry and clothe the naked and command it to come back to you a million fold.

For all the people who believe that money is scarce I would encourage you to practice this principle. If you circulate money and treat it with kindness and respect, it will come back to you. Because of this principle and a practice I learned from reading The Magic from The Secret series by Rhonda Byrne, I make sure to always thank my money for allowing me to have certain services. I also thank it for taking care of other people through the exchange of goods. Ever since practicing this principle, I released a lot of the anxiety I had about money and brought more peace to my life.

Chapter 26 - Focus on the Worthy

Restore a sense of focus to your day. Get things done. Know which things do not have to be done. Spend time only on high priorities to advance your life’s mission and legacy. There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

This is one of the harder principles to implement on a day to day basis. There are days I would love to lounge and watch shows, but this principle starts ringing in my head and encourages me to get up and do things for my future first. From writing these weekly posts, to editing videos for the website, I make sure I do at least 3 things towards accomplishing my future goals in a day. As a result I feel more accomplished in my day and more accomplished as a person.