Who Will Cry When You Die - Chapter 23 and 24

Chapter 23 - Live a Life

Experience every circumstance that enters your life to the fullest. Feel the pain and savour the happiness. There are no real failures in life, only results. There are no true tragedies, only lessons. No problems, only opportunities waiting to be recognized as solutions by the person of wisdom.

Everyday I try my best to implement this principle. On some days I’d like to dismiss my troubles. Put them on the backburner and not look back, but I’ve learned how unhealthy that practice was and is for me. So now I live in my moments of sadness and work through the pain. It has allowed me to write better stories and empathize with others. I also savour my happy moments. I relish in the pleasure it brings me and I share my joy with those around me. It has made me feel more enlightened, strong and appreciative of where I am today.

Chapter 24 - Learn from a good movie

A good movie can restore your perspective, reconnect you to the things you value most and keep you enthusiastic about all the things in your life.

The film that comes to mind is Soul from Disney+. The film is about a New York jazz pianist who gets the gig of a lifetime but finds himself trapped between earth and the afterlife. The film0 taught me that no soul comes to Earth until it is ready. And that people are attracted to energy and kindness. I couldn’t help but smile when I watched this film. It had solid content for adult and child viewers. If you decide to watch it I hope you find it as valuable as I did.