Who Will Cry When You Die - Chapter 13 and 14

Chapter 13- Model a Child.

Start focusing on the good stuff in life. 

I didn’t realize how much I took things for granted until I started practicing gratitude. Something as simple as having clean running water I never thought twice about. I’d encourage you to practice this one often because focusing on the things you like in the world only brings more things you like to you.

Chapter 14 - Remember, Genius is 99% Inspiration 

Read a self-help book, attend a public lecture by someone you admire, spend time with people who are passionate about what they do. 

During corona, this has been more challenging for me. I was practicing this philosophy in person in January and February, but all of that got cut short in March. Instead of forgoing this practice, I submersed myself in self-help and biographical books even more to make up for it because I am who I consume. If I want to be great in something, I have to take the time to find those who are already doing it. If I can’t get mentored by them, I’ll look for books they’ve written or read the books they’ve read. My environment will make or break my goals. So it is important for me to ensure that my environment aligns with my goals.