When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go.

-Carol Burnett

I remember when I was teaching and sitting the staff room. One of the other professors came in, all bright and jubilant and asked me and another prof, "What would you guys do if you could?" I remember trying to think of something way out of my league, like iconic singer or performer, but I said "I'd open a cupcake shop." To my chagrin, this answer didn't really please her. It was my co-workers response she was impressed with. He said "I'd be a tennis player". Her eyes lit up with glee and shock. It truly was a surprising answer if I was being honest. But I felt like my answer was just as exciting, despite it being quite accessible. Maybe if I said, I'd love to be a Food Network Chef, I would have gotten that response, because in all truth that's what I wanted. But it didn't cross my mind as something tangible. In fact saying I wanted to open a cupcake shop also felt out of my grasp. With my answer I was already way outside of my comfort zone. But as I healed my depression, and started seeing more possibilities. My dreams became more tangible because I felt like the more trust I built in myself, the closer my dreams became. So here I am, making my way towards becoming a Food Network Chef. I want to be a baking judge and have my own food talk show to be more specific. And one day I hope to bless your television with delicious meals, and positivity.

If you received this quote, or have an attachement to its message, what are your dreams? What do you think you'd have to do make them real?