There is nothing impossible to him who will try.

-Alexander the Great

Just. Try. Those two words paralyzed me for a long time. Trying meant opening myself up to failure. Trying meant going outside of what I deemed possible and becoming someone unknown. Who knows who I'd be if I tried? Why take that risk when I know who I am now? Those were the thoughts that plagued my mind when considering trying something outside of my comfort zone. But it is so painful to remain inside it. Being outside of my comfort zone has afforded me more freedom to learn and grow from my failures. It removes shame because shame can't affect someone who embraces failure.

Can you imagine if when we were babies, we fell the first time and never tried again? It's not within us to accept failure. Frustration is fine but don't allow yourself to give up. Find a new way to make something happen. If you focus your energy on making something come true, then you increase your chances of success. Everything I have now is because I put myself out there. And everything I want that hasn't come through yet is because I haven't taken that extra step. It's learning process. It takes practice and consistency to recognize when your thought process or fears are the reason what you want isn't happening. But the trick is, everything you want is happening to you. If you focus your energy on being what you want and worry less about what you don't want, then everything will align.

So take a chance on yourself. And commit. Be consistent. Whatever you want in the end will happen, but you have to move towards it and it will walk towards you.

If you received this quote, what have you tried, failed, and then succeeded after many failures?