In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

Since, I was young I wanted to make a big splash on the world. My ideal was Britney Spears because I watched this documentary of her visiting a school, and the adoration and praise she received for the positive impact she had on them, inspired me. Of course Britney had impacted pop culture in a massive way, but it did affect her personally. Because of her experience, I grew to fear making an impact. If making an impact meant losing who I was in any capacity, I was afraid of who I would be. Turns out trying not to make an impact is just as damaging. My students often told me that I really helped them because I arrived with such positive energy, it was nice to be in my presence. They said their family members and friends knew about me because I was influential. My outside response was a smile but inside I was scared. I was battling depression, and I was struggling to maintain my positivity. It wasn't that my engagements weren't real, it was that they were draining. I only had so much positivity in my tank and luckily for them, it was enough for class. So it didn't feel worthy of praise. It was temporary. 

And I would spiral after class. Not believing in myself. Not trusting their comments. This was no way to live.

It wasn't until after I was on my self-help journey, I could appreciate what they said. Because so many authors and leaders, inspired me with their stories or lifestyle. It doesn't matter if they're not positive all the time. It would be less inspiring actually. What I liked about them was that despite their crappy day or feelings about themselves, they still made it their mission to not transfer their negativity. And that changed my life for the better. They shook my world in a gentle way and now I can shake everyone else's with a little dose of positivity. 

If you got this quote, how can you shake the world?