It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Good or Bad Until It Does

When is it appropriate to classify things as good or bad? When is enough, enough? When should you leave a person or a task behind that exhausts you while you try to understand it? You’re fed up. You’ve done all that you could do. It's just not working.

The answer is when it stops serving your purpose in life.

In Conversations with God even though God doesn’t believe in good or bad, it doesn’t mean that God expects us to throw out the concept of good or bad. The problem lies not in the concepts, but in the people who use them. Humans, as God explains, are too ego driven to know what is truly good or bad. We are too preoccupied with the belief that we are the most advanced species to ever live that we give little time to situations that don’t reflect that belief. Then we break ourselves into countries and rank them based on how “developed” they are, thus further distancing ourselves from each other.

Yes, technological advancements have merit in regards to ranking. But what we do with our technological advancements, reflects how much further we have to go. A truly advanced society shouldn’t be dealing with destructive primal matters. They should have a handle on them because they would have found a solution for it. And this is not to shame humans; it's to bring awareness. If you think you’re the most advanced species, how likely are you to find more ways to improve? How many reasons will you find to justify inequalities? Everything’s already set. This is it. But if you knew you could be and do more, how would that look globally?

You have that answer within you.

If you ever sat down and truly thought about what you wanted to do, you’d realize that whatever you wanted served humanity. You would not crave love, money, food, sex, health because you’d have access to all of it. Once you present value to people, they will take care of you. And you will take care of them and yourself because you would enjoy living. You’d want to exist in a shared reality. You’d spend less energy with people or situations that don’t serve you. You’d want to be in control of your life. You’d want to work with people.

The point is there are people and situations that aren’t worth your time now. The only way you can know when to leave is if you take the time to figure out what you want in life. Not what your parents want. Not what your friends want. Not what society wants. What do you want? When you were between 6 and 11 what did you want to do? Who did you want to be before someone made you feel worthless?

You can still be that person, but only if you think you can.

As long as you think you can’t you will drift from one group, situation, relationship, to another. Stability would be foreign. Resentment would be your friend. Jealousy would consume you. Worthlessness would become you. You are the only person who can help you. You need to spend time with yourself. Fulfill your soul’s desires before you give yourself away. The perfect people will present themselves when you start believing in yourself. Be kind to yourself. People want to help you. You just have to tell them how and leave the ones who have shown that they can’t at this time. Not everybody is meant to follow you, but maybe they’ll hop on the train at a later stop. But nobody will join if you stay parked because you don’t know where you’re going.

What is your purpose?